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During the duration of Shelter in place in Minnesota, I received a Forecast Public Art Mini-Grant for Hope to be able to connect with people every day through poetry. People signed up for a session and I talked with them over the phone about a person in their lives they are missing or loving. After the conversation, I put the phone on speaker so they could hear the typewritter work while they reflected on the person. When the poem was finished, I read it to them outloud, we often cried, and then I put the poem in the mail to the person that inspired it. 

See some examples of the poems here:

Shelter In Poetry Project

 Poetry for People

Molly Van Avery is the Founder of Minneapolis-based Poetry for People. The mission of Poetry for People is to infuse poetry into the daily lives of people and neighborhoods to cultivate pleasure, curiosity, and interest in the world and the people who live in it. 

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Molly Van Avery is a disciplinary artist living in the Powderhorn neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Van Avery collaborates with artists and communities to create public art projects that rely on both intimacy and spectacle. Seeking to infuse the poetic into the public, Molly is passionate about inspiring moments of connection between people, place, and policy. 

Molly has been the Artist and Community Coordinator at Pillsbury House + Theatre and taught with Higher Education Consortium of Urban Affairs. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University.

In all of her creative and professional roles, Molly is passionate about racial equity in the arts and loves creating artistic opportunities for emerging, queer, and/or artists of color to re-shape the world with gorgeous visions of what has been, is, and might be. She is proud to be a single mama by choice and is inspired to co-create a more just world with, ancestors and descendants as guides. 



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