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Photo Credits: Bruce Silcox, Brooke Ross, Witt Siasoco, and Peter Haakon Thompson

 Poetry for People

Molly Van Avery is the Founder of Minneapolis-based Poetry for People. The mission of Poetry for People is to infuse poetry into the daily lives of people and neighborhoods to cultivate pleasure, curiosity, and interest in the world and the people who live in it. 


 Customized Poetry

 Poetry Mobile

 Poetry studio

 for events, special occasions,

 or to mark the twists and turns

 of aliveness



Additional Personal Projects 

Minneapolis 2040


Imagining Equity, 2017
A mobile engagement tool commissioned by Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Office to increase participation in the Comprehensive Planning Process. 
Conceived of by Mike Hoyt, Molly Van Avery, bike created by Adam Croft

Illuminate the Lock


Illuminate the Lock:

Returning the River 
by Mike Hoyt, Dameun Strange, and Molly Van Avery with Ritika Ganguly
September 20, 21, 22, 2018 
Upper Saint Anthony Falls Lock and Dam 



To book a customized poetry session in the Little Poetry House

or to book Molly to do customized poetry at your event, please email her, mollyvanavery@gmail.com

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